European and want to buy $GME?

Do you have diamond hands? Reallyy?? I doubt you do… Have you lost your lifesavings? Have you tried opening a loan to buy a stock and lose it all in mere seconds? No idea what you are doing, but you see green and click buy? Congratulations! You are a part of a great community of retards! I bet you are from the WSB sub or just from reddit in general and are looking for a RH alternative since you’re from Europe orrrr just want some other brokers where you can gamble your money away!

We have been subbed to the WSB sub for a long time, because when we make a bad trades we can always rely on someone over there to just do it 100x worse. Lately the sub has become 100 times more retarded. When our hero DeepFuckingvalue, I know amazing name bought $GME for next to nothing and simply never sold when he had millions of profit when he was down. When asked what his exit strategy would be, he simply said “what is an exit strategy” This man will go down in history, because what happened next no one could’ve predicted. A bunch of retarded gorilla’s started buying the stock and when asked why? They simply replied they liked the stock. Now they are defending the stock like a gorilla would defend her child. So since we are a bunch of degenerates as well we bought 120k worth of $GME stock which is now valued at 50k, I mean who would have thought that… But we won’t sell, because diamond hands… Remember?!

Since there actually a lot people complaining about being unable to buy the stock and since RH is manipulating the market we thought fuckem and want to give you some other options. (WHAT RH IS DOING IS ILLEGAL) The sub is also being spread with lies and clearly a lot of people are trying to make $GME shit the bed. But we won’t sell will you? We are currently using Etoro and Degiro and we are from the EU! If you are from the USA you can also use eToro. These are brokers we use there might be others, but yeah there are enough people trying to have you sign up through them.

Do you like the stock?

Yeah, just sign up you will actually be able to help us a lot if you do this. Send us a message and we will also give you our digital currency… Soooo win win right?

Lose your money with

These guys actually are really cheap, but you can’t use margin and it takes a long time to sign up. Can’t buy $GME within a day I think. So use eToro for speed.

Gepubliceerd door Gianluca Naarden

Sinds 2015 full-time actief in de financiële markten. Expert op het gebied van cryptocurrencies en indexen, bekend met exchanges zoals Binance, Coinbase en Kraken. Full time trader op BUX X, Plus500, BOTS en eToro. Actief op het gebied van marketing sinds 2017. Part time affiliate marketeer en bedrijfsleider van Voor de rest actief in sales en gespecialiseerd in SEO marketing.

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